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All Orders Of $100.00 Or More - Qualify For "FREE SHIPPING" Enter code: FREESHIP

  • Q: How can I view the status of my order?

A: Go to the Customer Service, Account Information page. This page lists all your orders. Click the date of the order whose status you wish to view.

  • Q: What are your shipping costs?

A: You can view an estimate of shipping costs by viewing your cart. However, final shipping costs will be displayed on the Invoice you see before confirming your order.

  • Q: What is your return policy?

A: This is our Return Policy - Please Read Carefully

  • 1. To return an item, please call us at: 760-251-8884

or email us at: backroads@detour23.com for a Return Authorization.

NOTE: ALL returned products MUST have a Return Authorization for

a product refund or replacement.

  • 2. Package the item(s) being returned securely in the original

package or comparable.

  • 3. We request that you enclose a note explaining why you are

unsatisfied with the product/products. Please include your name & phone

number in the box with your return.

  • 4. We will contact you within 2 weeks of receipt of your return and

confirm the status of your refund. (Normally only a day or two)

  • 5. All returns must be shipped to the following address:


70875 DILLON ROAD #23



  • Q: Why are liquid forms superior to tablets?

A: Tablets are estimated to offer between 10 - 40% absorption Liquids are estimated to offer 80 - 90% or higher absorption Higher Absorption + Easier Assimilation = Faster Results.Liquid supplements do not need to be dissolved by the body, in fact, absorption of liquid supplements begins in the mouth. Tablets are estimated to offer between 10-40% absorption, while liquids are estimated to offer 80-90% or higher. (1996 Physicians Digest Page 1542) Also in the manufacturing process, tablets must be heated and some nutrients are subject to destruction when heated. Liquid Health Products are cold processed. Liquid Health...It just makes sense!!!

  • Q: Why is shipping so high?

A: Liquids weigh more than pills - That is why we offer "FREE SHIPPING" on all orders over $100.00 - Plan ahead and buy a few months supply at once. You save a little money and you can place your order when you open you last bottle.

  • Q: What is the MSRP?

A: The MSRP is used on our web site to let you know how much you are saving off of the price that the Manufacturer of the products suggests we sell it for. This seems simple enough, but many places don't use the actual MSRP. Many times this price is inflated to make you think you are saving more.

  • Q: What is "Pharmaceutical Grade" glucosamine?

A: Pharmaceutical Grade glucosamine is 99% pure glucosamine. Our Liquid Health Glucosamine is NOT ONLY made with Pharmaceutical Grade glucosamine, but our MSM is also Pharmaceutical Grade as well.

  • Q: Is our personal information safe?

A: Only BackRoads/detour23.com employees with "Special Clearance" are able to access personal information received from our site. Our information systems are set up to block employees without this authority from accessing any and all of your personal information.

All personal information given to BackRoads - www.detour23.com is stored in our safe.

  • Q: What is your policy for shipping OUTSIDE the USA?

A:BackRoads/detour23.com is NOT responsible for Customs Regulations on orders being shipped OUTSIDE of the U.S.A. Please check with your Customs Agency for any Restrictions or Extra Charges (Broker Fees) that may apply BEFORE placing your order. REFUSED ORDERS will be charged to your account, as the items were ordered and shipped, as per agreement. If you have ANY questions, PLEASE send us an email BEFORE placing your order!!! If your order is stopped by Customs, but returned to us in good condition, we will credit you for the PRODUCTS once received. (Shipping & Handling will not be refunded) If the package is not returned to BackRoads, you are still responsible for your purchase. We do have many Customers around the world and have had very few problems with most of our products shipping to other countries. We did just have our Liquid Health Complete (same as BackRoads MAXimum) stopped in Canada, as it contains vitamin K. So we ask you to PLEASE check before placing an order, as we would rather NOT have you as a Customer, than to have you as an UN-HAPPY Customer!!!

  • Q: My ordered is over $100.00 Why is it showing a shipping charge?

A: We apologize for this - If your order qualifies for "FREE SHIPPING" we will refund your account ASAP!!!


  • Q: What is NSF?

A: NSF stands for National Safety Foundation (It is now called NSF International). NSF is a non-profit organization, that is also a non-governmental firm that develops standards and rigorous criteria to help companies to operate not only within the bounds of the 21 CFR 111 (the regulation from the FDA regarding manufacturing of dietary supplements) but well beyond what is required by the FDA. NSF also educates the general public about health and safety. Health Supplements and Dietary Supplements with the NSF mark, have been tested for safety from contaminants and are regulated for manufacturing consistency and accuracy. NSF certification for manufacturers means that a company has undergone strict review for quality, consistency, and accuracy in their manufacturing processes. This is a never ending process that is voluntarily done by Liquid Health. Being NSF certified means that you get the same high quality in every product that leaves our warehouse.

  • Q: What does cGMP certified mean?

A: GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices. GMP's are a set of rules and guidelines set forth by the FDA in a mandate called 21 CFR 111. In order for a manufacturer to be able to continue to manufacture products in the United States they must comply with the good manufacturing practices mandated by the FDA in 21 CFR 111. cGMP simply means current good manufacturing practices. The cGMP mark is commonly found alongside NSF marks for manufacturers since NSF is the organization that does the audits.

Essentially cGMP compliance is another step of quality that a company goes through voluntarily to show their commitment to the cGMP's and also to making safe, consistent, and quality products.


  • Q: Can you tell us about Liquid Health?

A: Liquid Health has the most comprehensive line of liquid nutritional supplements available. A drive to provide the highest quality ingredients, and guaranteed levels of nutrients, has resulted in nearly 30 different formulas for people, and groundbreaking animal supplements. Liquid Health is not just a solution for people who have a problem swallowing pills or who have trouble digesting tablets- it is the best way to provide the vitamins and supplements that your family needs. You will notice the difference.

Liquid Health, Inc. develops the highest quality products at the lowest possible price. Founded in 1991, Liquid Health immediately filled a niche in the market with Daily Multiple. Although the product - a sea vegetation blend with aloe and honey - was not revolutionary, its appearance in the retail market, as opposed to Multilevel Marketing, was a new idea. Through marketing to independent stores nationwide, Daily Multiple has developed a loyal following. Liquid Health has continued to introduce high quality products, drawing on the knowledge of experts in the health foods industry nationwide.


  • The Highest Quality Ingredients
  • Guaranteed Levels of Nutrients
  • 30+ Products for People and Animals

Liquid Health...It just makes sense!!!


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