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We are a family owned & operated business - Proudly providing our customers with quality products and service since 1999. We are located in sunny Desert Hot Springs, just a few miles northeast of beautiful Palm Springs, California. Our company is committed to providing quality products and service at the best prices available. Our web site and our business was designed with security, convenience, product quality and service as our number one goals.

We take pride in our business and don't use a "Middle Man" to ship our orders, 99% of the time. The only time that we allow an order to be "Drop Shipped" is when our products are delayed in reaching us, or to not delay your order when some of the products are not in stock. We feel that all orders received Monday through Friday (before 12:00 noon) should be shipped out within 24 hours and we're proud to say that 99% of the time, this is done. Unless you are ordering something that is "Custom Made" we feel that 4 - 6 weeks for delivery is ridiculous and just bad business!!!

Please Note: All Gallons are "Drop Shipped" directly from the manufacturer

You can contact us at:
andra-23@earthlink.net or by phone at +1-760-251-8884

(Monday - Friday 9:00am - 2:00pm PST)

BackRoads 70875 DILLON ROAD S-23


Our Employees & Your Information

ONLY BackRoads/detour23.com employees with "Special Clearance" are able to access personal information received from our site. Our information systems are set up to block employees without this authority from accessing any of your personal information. All personal information given to BackRoads - www.detour23.com is stored in our safe.

(security provided by Bill's Lock & Key Licensed - Bonded - Insured)

NOTE:The herbs, formulas, and recipes contained within this web site are not to be considered substitutes for proper medical care. As with any other medicine or remedy, if you are sick, you should consult a physician to find out if these herbal remedies are right for you. These remedies may not be for everyone, and like any other type of remedy may have side effects. Always consult your physician before taking any medication, especially if you are pregnant or lactating. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Please advise your Health Care Professional of all over the counter medications & supplements you are taking.


CAUTIONS: Pregnant or lactating women, diabetics, hypoglycemics, and people with known medical conditions and/or taking drugs should always consult with a licensed physician and/or pharmacist prior to taking dietary supplements.




  • Joe - NC Thank You, Your product and service both meets and exceeds my expectations. I wish more company's would structure their business programs to allow their front-line employees to make sound customer-based decisions for their company. Whatever your internal structure is, it works, and I appreciate your follow through to meet my needs and expectations. . Our daughter last year noticed that we were taking a liq. daily multiple. Both of her children are autistic and I retired early, so we could move to NC and help with the grand-children, ages 4 and 6. She has done a lot of research on what her children needs for support and your children's multiple is exactly what they need. Both children have allergies and soy is one ingredient they cannot have. We have stopped ordering the Attention formula, since it contains soy product, but it appears I will be buying not only for myself, but our grandchildren for many for many years to come. Our daughter is an officer in several family based programs for Special Need Children. I'm sure she has suggested or at least told other parents what she gives her children. She has gotten a number of the parents who have children in her daughters class, to look at the dietary needs of these children, where none had done so prior. The results of changing a child's diet and good food supplements can make an amazing difference in a child's development. Her youngest child is in pre-school for special need children and they are considering moving into a regular class-room due to her improvement. I have just finished writing a book entitled "Who Gets The Business" and in hind sight I wish I included your company as a example of how an Internet company focuses on the customer and not just on profits. Best Regards, Joe Magaro PS I wanted to try the Glucosamine you have. I am currently taking MSM with Glucosamine Sulfate in the tablet form. I also like the smaller bottles of daily multiple for travel. The last time we took the small bottles with us to AZ we didn't bring them back with us, so we could refill on future trips. We usually order several months supply at a time, to make sure our daughter doesn't run out. Who gets the business, and how it is gotten impacts our culture and everything that happens to us. We live in a unique age of disinformation, where everything we require to keep us out of jams is masked in secrecy. Now, is the only time to change direction by taking control of how we actively think about getting the business! This book will provide both businesses and consumers with an understanding that there is a better way to do business. Only through the power of the customer can we: · Stop companies from causing great harm · Prevent a flu pandemic · Avoid the manipulation of our reasoning · Transform how companies think · Redesign the business structure · Grow profitable sales · Keep corporations healthy · Program What Is to What Is Possible · Change Americas business plan · Influence the global economy · Get the business we want


  • Carol Wight - CA "Great products and great service" It is so nice to order one day and receive it the next day. I have ordered from other companies in California and it still took a week to get it using US ground. Thanks Carol The Olsen's Thank you for your wonderful vitamins and friendly service. God Bless


  • Jamie - TN I have had a problem swallowing pills all my life, so your products have been a life saver for me. I have a VERY busy life and know that I don't eat right. I have been taking your daily multiple vitamin and the energy and stress, I FEEL GREAT now!!! "Thanks for everything"


  • David & Judy - WA You guys are so very helpful! Thank you for all your help! The much healthier David & Judy in beautiful Washington


  • Karen Wells - MI Thanks for your help - love your customer service - that's rare these days with most companies - KW


  • M. Williams - NC Hello, I just wanted to thank you again for your immediate as well as exceptional response in meeting my needs as a customer. It is a sad fact these days that we, as consumers, are no longer very surprised when we do not receive the proper customer service...imagine how pleasantly surprised I was when I felt that my business and satisfaction are valued and wanted by BackRoads. It is uncommon to find such superior service and efforts, and I truly thank you for your consideration and effort. This is what sets the better shops apart from the rest, and I will highly recommend BackRoads to my friends, in the States and abroad. Have a lovely day,


  • Debbie - KS Love the free shipping! You guys are great - A+ service


  • J. Davis - NW Your new free shipping is really a money saver - thank you


  • Andrea Smith - NY It's nice to place an order online and have it shipped so fast. I ordered liquid health at another store online and it took over 2 weeks to get it. I like your buy 3 promo and the new free shipping. Thanks for everything


  • Rhonda - TX I used to buy the K9 glucosamine at a local health food store, but they were out. I asked them when it would be in and they said it would take a few weeks. After 3 weeks of waiting, they never did get it in. I found you guys online and now I get the K9 glucosamine cheaper in about a week.


  • Joanne Corbett A truly great place to shop on the internet. Love your products and your service. :o)


  • Sandra - CA Your service it GREAT! Love your buy 3 special and free samples!


  • George Perry Can't say enough about your great products and service. Thanks for all your help!


  • Diana - WI You guys are so helpful, detour23 is the only place to shop online for Liquid Health, as far as I'm concerned!!!


  • Peter B Thanks for adding UPS shipping - It really saved on the shipping cost. Liquid is heavy, but worth the weight!




  • Fran Phillips - WY Wonderful products from a wonderful company! Your company cares about it's customers, you don't see that enough these days. Thank you Fran


  • JANET - MO Everyone is so very helpful at Backroads, I always get quick and friendly service. Thanks


  • J. Vaught - IN Thank you for your patience and great service!!! I got it in today's mail. Blew my local guy away. Thanks again. I'll be ordering from you from now on. "And you can print that" Thank you again. Sincerely, J. Vaught JLV Enterprises


  • PATTY - SC I love the free samples and the quick delivery!


  • Matt - LA Great online shopping experience!!!!


  • CarryAnn - AL I have shopped at other online sites and they just don't have the friendly and helpful customer support as your company. I have noticed that other vitamin sites up the retail price and then have a so called sale. To quote a fraise "I'll Be Back"


  • T.J. - IL I always get my order fast and I can't say enough about your customer service! You guys are great!


  • S. Greenberg - SC Great Service and fast shipping. BackRoads is always a pleasure to deal with!


  • R. Powell - OH Love your products and extra special service every time I order!


  • The Bennett Family We tell EVERYONE that will listen about BackRoads and your wonderful products and service! "Thank You"


  • Barbara Martin You guys are just GREAT!!!


  • Ann Marie - "Always helpful and friendly"


  • Lisa - BackRoads is great! I received my order incredibly fast and got exactly what I wanted. Thanks.


  • Jaclyn - WA BackRoads is like shopping at your local neighborhood store. "helpful and friendly"




  • Jan - LA - CA you guys are great!!!!!! - we love your CV sample pack - when ever we order from you guys we know we'll get it quick -


  • Jerry Bennett - It's so nice to place an order and get it so fast. Most places I have ordered from take so long, that by the time you get it "it's a surprise" because you forgot what you ordered!


  • Dave Collins - I'm hooked on your great products and great service, what more could I ask for?


  • Annie - VA Your staff has been so very helpful. I like to know more than most about the products I am taking. I tend to ask too many questions and I know sometimes I am a bit of a pain. Your staff has been so patient with me and have answered all my questions in an easy to understand way. Thank you so very much.


  • John Goldberg - Fast and friendly service. Keep up the good work!


  • Gina V - SF - CA - My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD and I did not want to put her on some drug like Ritalin. I was looking for something natural and found Attention and called and talked to Andra at Backroads. She was very helpful and suggested that I try it for a few weeks, but not to tell everyone and see what others observe. After about 2 weeks, my daughter's 3rd grade teacher and her Sunday school teacher told me that my daughter was doing great in class. I noticed the difference right away, but figured it was because I wanted this to work. I now tell everyone about Attention and where to buy it. Thank you again for all your help! Gina


  • Dale Lewis - FL I have been using your Opti glucosamine for about 3 years now. This stuff is AMAZING! I moved to Florida to get away from the cold weather in New York, because of my arthritis. I still had some pain, but nothing like I had living in NY. A friend told me about glucosamine and I bought some pills, they really didn't do much good. Then I learned about liquid glucosamine and how it was was better then the pills. I finally found something to get some RELIEF from the constant annoying aches and pains! I wanted to tell everyone that if you have tried the glucosamine pills and got a little relief or no relief from the pain to try Opti glucosamine because it really works!


  • Emma Hamilton - TX I absolutely LOVE your Energy & Stress!!! I have the energy to do what I need to get done and the little things just don't seem to matter so much anymore. My husband says THANK YOU too :)


  • Danial Morgan - WI You guys are great and so is your glucosamine.


  • Kathleen Griffin - SC I had been using Seasilver for years and then found your Daily Multiple - There is NO COMPARISON! I also use the Calcium now that I am in my 40's :o( Thanks for the great products and for your helpful staff!


  • Ken W - VA - My 12 year old Shepard "KC" just passed away, but I wanted to tell you guys that I had him on your k9 glucosamine for about three years. KC had hip dysplasia and was having a hard time with his back legs. You could tell he was in pain and after about 2 weeks on the glucosamine, he was like a different dog! I know I can't replace KC, but I will definitely be keeping my eyes open for a Shepard puppy and will make sure to start him on glucosamine as a puppy.


  • Cynthia Lambert - AZ Liquid Health products are great - No question there - I wanted to say that I have found the same products cheaper online - I also wanted to say that I have placed orders at a few of those sites - My conclusion: CHEAPER IS NOT BETTER - Order #1 I waited for over 2 weeks to receive my order and one item was missing - Then it took a few phones calls (with rude people) and a few more weeks for them to complete my order - #2 I was told some of the products I ordered were on backorder and they held the rest of my order - After 3 weeks I told them to cancel the whole order and I found BackRoads - I placed the same order and everything shipped the next day - NOTHING was on backorder - I found that a little odd :( I also wanted mention that I order the Calcium - Daily Multiple - Attention - Chldrens Multiple and never forget the Energy and Stress :)Thank you so much.


  • Michelle Lowe - UT Love your BR MAXIMUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Nicole "NICKY" - CA Your CLEAR VOICE is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!
  •  "Clear Voice keeps my voice feeling fresh throughout the entire set!!! I highly recommend it!" Paul Peterson ~ Kenny Loggins Band.

  • Clear Voice helps me scream loud and clear -Wayne Static (Static-X)

  •  It really does battle "dry throat syndrome". it soothes as the vocal coach on American Idol, Clear Voice gets an enthusiastic thumbs up from me. -Dorian Holley (American Idol vocal coach)
  • Former Miss America-Ericka Dunlap is a FIRM believer in Clear Voice! Currently pursuing a country-music career in Nashville, TN...Ms. Dunlap uses Clear Voice before every session, performance and EVEN speaking appearances "I LOVE Clear Voice! I use it before EVERY vocal performance and even before speeches! It is the only product that truly gives my voice a clear, warm tone." Ericka Dunlap Country Music Artist & Miss America 2004 www.erickadunlap.com

  •  I first used Clear Voice While recording our new CD The World As We Know It, the constant late nights and long hours left my voice feeling tired and worn. I sought out a vocal spray and came across Clear Voice at a local music store. I used Clear Voice and found that not only does it make my voice feel stronger, it really relieves any scratchiness that comes from the long hours. Since the recording Ive introduced Clear Voice to Jessica Leplon the female singer in our band. We both carry honey-lemon Clear Voice with us on tour to relieve the strain of singing night after night. The Morning Of Justin Wiley & Jessica Leplon
  • James Eason (Droid) Clear Voice is the best thing for my voice when singing on touring night after night.



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